Lifetime Value

Save 50% on running costs

Powerlogic’s innovative controls deliver significant savings

Due to the innovative way our transfer cars are controlled we can achieve savings in operation that cannot be matched.

On a five minute battery change the transfer car runs at full pump speed for only half the time.

The multi-tier transfer car uses a 5.5Kw motor and pump unit.

  • Cost of electricity is typically £0.09 per KW/hr
  • Typically a 5 minute change would cost £0.04 – (5.5KW x £0.09)/12 = cost per 5 minutes = £0.04
  • Our transfer cars run at full speed for only half the time = £0.02
  • Assuming 12 changes an hour @ 24p an hour
  • Daily cost = £5.76
  • Annual cost = £2102.40 giving 50% savings of usual annual cost of £4204.80
  • Savings of around £15k can be achieved over the typical life of a transfer car