Case Studies


Delivering reliable battery change systems for over 20 years

Powerlogic is very proud of its long term relationships with its customers.

We believe that our level of expertise, experience and service, along with our ability to find solutions to our customers’ issues, builds a level of confidence that means we simply can’t be bettered.

Many of our products are built to customers’ specific requirements, so if you can’t find what you want in our existing range, we’ll design and build something to suit.

Arla Foods, Linde Jewsbury’s and Powerlogic:

A natural partnership

The Brief

Following an influx of new trucks at its Leeds distribution centre, Arla Foods needed to move from single tier battery changing to a three tier system to enable faster and more efficient battery changing. For this project, Powerlogic worked closely with Linde Jewsbury’s Ltd.

The biggest factor to take into consideration when going three tiers high is the roof height, as the machine has to raise several levels to extract the batteries. Arla only had 5.5metres of clearance which is not enough for a conventional three tier system, so many possibilities including relocating the battery room were evaluated before being dismissed as simply not feasible.

Arla looked to several companies to achieve the three tier changing it urgently required, however no other company was able to meet its brief.

Here at Powerlogic, our professional team has a combination of more than 80 years’ experience producing bespoke equipment to fit any scenario. Consequently, we were more than confident that we would be able to meet and exceed Arla’s needs. Subsequently, Arla accepted our proposal to create an innovative solution.

The Solution

As this was the first time that Powerlogic had worked with Arla Foods, it was important for us to spend time getting to know how Arla runs its facility, what its needs are and how we could install the new battery changing system with a minimum of disruption to normal business operation.

Working with our own UK based manufacturers, Powerlogic are able to produce bespoke equipment to fit any scenario including Arla’s. We were able to compress the height of our modules and make alterations to our changing machine enabling us to fit the system into the existing battery room with just 50mm to spare – something no other short-listed supplier was able to achieve.

Arla set strict time scales for the project; we were able to meet these as everyone involved in Powerlogic projects, from the initial enquiry through to manufacture, installation and maintenance, is directly employed by us. This means that we are able to constantly monitor and control the entire project without being reliant on sub-contractors or external suppliers.

To minimise disruption, we set up temporary charging areas whilst the existing equipment was removed and the new system installed. This was all done in the lead up to Christmas, yet our approach and planning meant there was no negative effect on Arla’s day to day operation.

The Result

Arla Foods had very real concerns about being able to run its facility smoothly and to full capacity over the critical Christmas period. A greater number of trucks were needed, but it did not have the changing facility for them.

As Christmas was looming, it was not going to be possible to close the distribution centre therefore batteries would need to be changed throughout the removal of the old, and installation of the new equipment.

Powerlogic achieved this with flying colours, and within a total build time of four weeks.

Powerlogic was able to create a bespoke battery changing system to fulfil Arla’s needs on time and on budget.

Asda Stores and Powerlogic: Successfully working

together for 18 years

The Brief

As one of our oldest customers, Asda has Powerlogic battery change equipment in all its distribution centres.

The Doncaster distribution centre approached us because it needed to make provision for 60 short term rental trucks, increasing battery numbers by almost 50%, over the very demanding Christmas period.

As the existing system was already running at maximum capacity we needed to look for other options.

“Powerlogic’s quick turnaround response to our problem ensured that Asda were fully prepared for the arrival of the short term rental fleet. This resulted in a smooth ramp up of the DC into the busy Christmas period. The solution was simple and within budget. I was very pleased with results.”

Paul Johnson
MHE Development & Fleet Manager
Asda Stores Ltd

The Solution

A small area was identified within the warehouse where it would be possible to create a temporary system using Powerlogic’s FTG modules. These modules are specifically designed to be speedily manufactured and installed.

As time and budget were of the essence, we retrieved a previously mothballed, 17 year old Powerlogic battery transfer car from one of Asda’s stores and used this equipment. This saved time, money and was an environmentally friendly way to manage Asda’s immediate needs.

The Result

The Doncaster distribution centre was fully ready for the arrival of the short term rental fleet. The works were completed within three weeks, helping Asda stay ahead during its busiest time of the year.

As a consequence, the distribution centre is now able to run at full capacity all over the Christmas period. Then, once this busy period is over, the temporary charging area can be removed and put into storage for use next year.

Of course, because this gives Asda an added degree of flexibility, it may decide to leave the temporary system in place and use it as an extension to its existing facility.

Powerlogic were able to meet Asda’s needs during their busiest period with a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution.

J Sainsbury plc and Powerlogic:

A trusted partnership for 18 years

The Brief

As one of our oldest customers, Sainsbury’s has Powerlogic battery change equipment in almost every one of its distribution centres.

The Stone distribution centre approached us with a requirement for battery change within a very small area of a larger room that also supplies access for fork trucks into a workshop. The only route for the trucks would be down the same aisle as the transfer car, but a standard aisle would not have allowed the drivers enough clearance to safely manoeuvre the trucks.

Nothing currently on the market could provide Sainsbury’s with the solution it needed, so the team at Powerlogic took on the task of manufacturing bespoke equipment specifically to meet Sainsbury’s needs.

The Solution

Following an extensive site survey and detailed assessment summarising the operations needs and requirements, the Powerlogic design team crafted a solution. This included repositioning existing roller beds from the site, making best use of the existing equipment, together with a new Powerlogic 2m wide battery transfer car. The solution not only gives Sainsbury’s our renowned high standard of battery changing, but also provides a wider drive through aisle to access the workshop.

Before we relocated this system within the already small changing area, the potential hazard of pedestrians walking to the rear of the system was highlighted to our customer. We addressed this with the bespoke design, manufacture and full installation of mesh partitioning to the rear of the system, providing a safe pedestrian walkway.

The unusual need for the fork lift trucks to travel down the transfer car aisle also presented an issue with our usual changing point protection safety guard rails, as installing this would prevent the trucks from accessing the aisle to the workshop. Instead we used our newly available instant drying UV line marking service to highlight the changing position when using the battery system and the Powerlogic transfer car. This fast drying paint was speedy and achieved a very obvious alignment area, without interrupting travel along the aisle.

The Result

Powerlogic created a safe and fully functioning relocated battery changing system with Sainsbury’s Ston distribution centre that allowed full access to the fork truck workshop.

The additional provision of Powerlogic’s onsite operator training by our own fully accredited trainer means the fork truck fleet and their operatives have the most efficient and effective battery changing solution for their facility.

Powerlogic can supply accredited on-site training for your staff which means that a number of people can be trained at once on the system that they will be using every day.