Powered Battery Change


Minimise downtime and maximize use of space with single and multi-tier solutions

Ride on transfer car systems are the most efficient way to change and store batteries, making the best use of the smallest amount of valuable floor space within your distribution centre.

Use with any type of trucks with roll out batteries, spread equally over either one, two or more levels of storage and accessed using a dedicated system transfer car.

Systems available:

Single, Two and Multi-Tiers

Power available:

Mains powered, running off powerail battery powered with dedicated charger, either with or without opportunity charging option

Single Tier Battery Transfer Cars

Our single tier transfer car has twin roller beds for carrying two batteries, and works with single tier storage modules. It is either mains or battery powered and has an operator cab with ergonomic push button controls.

Traction batteries of all types can be handled. They are loaded and unloaded by the magnetic push/pull arm in a fast and efficient process that removes the need for operator input. This transfer car has a 3000kg capacity.

Single Level Storage

This transfer car stores batteries in a single level storage system. The car moves along an aisle beside the storage modules where it will pick and place batteries. A joystick with proportional sensitivity controls all movements in a smooth and efficient manner.

Multi-Tier Battery Transfer Cars

The machine has two roller beds for carrying two batteries whilst operating its battery changing functions. The batteries are moved east-west by attaching a magnet and pulling or pushing. The machine moves in a dedicated aisle, which is a pedestrian ‘No Go’ area. The machine rises to a second, or third (for three tier car) level for the top row of batteries. It can access batteries on both sides of the aisle on all levels. This machine has a lifting capacity of 3000 kilograms.


The power supply is through a power rail system and is 440/380 volts three phase; this part of the supply is protected with an R.C.D. (residual current detector) and a circuit breaker. The supply feeds the main hydraulic pump motor, which is 5 kilowatts. The various speeds of the car are controlled by an inverter, which in turn controls the speed of the hydraulic pump. This is housed in an enclosure at the opposite end of the machine to the operator. The power supply at the operating end of the machine is all 24 volts, which is transformed from the above supply.

Available Options

  • Busbar & End Feed Connections

    Available On

    All system types

    Essential connection for providing power to the system busbars, can be carried out as part of the installation by our qualified engineers

  • Pre-Select Height

    Available On

    Single or Multi-Tier Cars

    Transfer car automatically stops at pre-set extracting heights giving a more efficient battery change

  • Protection Barriers

    Available On

    All system types